Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Minecraft and mods

I want to tell you how you can have more than one mod installed at the same time without any of them interfering with each other. It's quite simple really. The magic word is "set APPDATA=%cd%". Oh, you want to know more than that?
Ok, I've made some screenshots that will explain how to do it.

Vanilla, Mo'Creatures, More creeps and weirdos and Water shader. Each in their own folder.

Make a folder on the desktop, call it Minecraft vanilla and put minecraft.exe into that folder. Then make a new .txt file, open it and paste this into it:

set APPDATA=%cd%
javaw -Xms512M -Xmx512M -cp Minecraft.exe net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

Save the .txt file as "start minecraft.txt", exit notepad and rename "start minecraft.txt" to "start minecraft.bat".
Now click on "start minecraft.bat" and it will open a CMD window and then start the minecraft launcher. Log in and let the game download all the files. Congratulations, you now have a clean standalone version of Minecraft. You can now make a copy of the Minecraft Vanilla folder, paste it on desktop again, rename and install what ever mod you want into that new folder. You can do this with as many mods as you like. Each mod lives only in the folder is was installed to and do not interfere with the other installs. You can even have old versions of Minecraft installed this way with old mods that have not been updated to latest Minecraft.

The -Xms and -Xmx arguments are the java heap size. By default Minecraft will allocate 1 GB of memory which is overkill in most cases. Just press F3 ingame and watch on the right, how much heap size is being used. 512 MB should be more than enough for most cases. You can increase the numbers if you have a very demanding mod and/or a HD texture pack installed. Just watch the memory being used to see how much you need to allocate for Minecraft.

Questions and comments are welcome..



  1. Excellent tip, thanks man.

  2. Hey! I've used the Nostalgiacraft mod thingie and, back in Alpha 1.0.5, there was no "Minecraft.exe", there was a "Minecraft.jar". Any ideas on how to make it work?

  3. @P.tit_lu-90 minecraft.jar as in a launcher, or the game file itself?

  4. May I ask, how would I do this for mac? Is it just the same? But with Wordpad or whatever it is called?

  5. I have no idea about Mac :-/ Maybe search on the minecraft forums..

  6. Didn't work here, opens the cmd, close quickly and doesn't open minecraft launcher... Any ideas?

  7. William, did you remember big L and F in LauncherFrame?

    Do your windows account have admin rights?

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  9. After I start the .bat file the CMD window pops up, and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  10. Plenty of suggestions :) I assume there is something wrong with your java path. So put the full path to java into the bat file instead..
    Read comments here:

  11. could not find main class laucher frame please help

  12. could not find main class launcher frame please help¹!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE

  13. when i open start minecraft.bat

    it says-

    could not dind main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame.the program will exit.

    plz. help

  14. To people having problems running this, you may need to install "JRE 6". Just search for that on google. Follow the link to the oracle page, and install it. Now Windows will understand the javaw command correctly.

  15. This has been very useful for me and I have been using it for months. It worked for 1.0 as well. Today I downloaded java JDK, since I wanted to learn basic java. All of a sudden an error message came up. My computer is german so I will translate it best i can: C:\----\desktop\minecraft1.0\start minecraft.bat could not be found. Make sure that you inserted the name correctly and try again. I have been using the code you posted, and has worked fine all the time until now.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Ps. I tried uninstalling the jdk, and it still did not work.
    Thanks so much for the help,

  16. Its Not Working With Cracked!

  17. That will change the Appdata systemwide, right? So you would probably nedd to set it back after you end Minecraft, right?